What is the latest firmware of MyCloude Live Duo. My actual firmware is MyBookLiveDuo Core F/W. I've the necessity to update. I want to update the firmware manually. I do have some technical knowledge and just need the tirucamilo.tk file for the My Book Live Duo 4TB but. How to Factory Restore a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo · Answer ID My Book Live and Duo Online User Guide and Solutions Current Firmware.

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    My Book Live Duo Firmware

    MyBook Live, Duo, AppliedMicro APM, , , 1, 2, 1x In addition, the original Western Digital firmware's disk format uses a. Download Western Digital My Book Live Duo Firmware OS support: Windows (all). Category: Storage Devices. My Book Live is a relatively inexpensive Network Attached Storage (NAS) how to install FuguHub, how to perform firmware upgrades after installing FuguHub.

    Re: Recovery of original firmware on MyBook live? Seeing as squeeze is officially released, I think "Hey, I should add the squeeze repos and do an apt-get dist-upgrade", so I look at the sources. I then decided to do an apt-get upgrade before going for an all out dist-upgrade, and when it was done the WebUI had stopped working. Using the information on the main page I figured out how to get it back up and running php ini thing , but I decided I should revert to official firmware using the technique posted here. Based on that discussion and my own observations, I would guess it is an incompatible version of dpkg or md5sum more likely md5sum since the person in the other thread reverted dpkg to the initial one, md5sum is the program reporting the initial error, and coreutils was updated. The versions I have are dpkg 1. If somebody with a clean system could check the versions of these it would be much appreciated. Its not super critical at the moment everything, including the WebUI seems to be working fine , but I'm afraid to restart the device, or even disconnect my ssh session.

    The first fail indicator was the tiny front panel light blinking yellow.

    Upon logging into the admin interface, the indications in Figure 10 appeared. Figure Login drive fail indicators Browsing to the storage page revealed additional failure indications shown in Figure And finally, an alert email arrived a few minutes after the drive was pulled. Figure Internal Storage page drive fail indicators For recovery, as per instructions in the user manual, I first powered down the NAS, reinserted the drive, then powered back up.

    How to Recover your Lost/Deleted Data from WD My Book Live?

    When I logged in after boot was complete, I found my data intact. But there was confusing information presented in the user interface.

    The little icon in the lower left of the admin screen had a green halo, but showed Status:Bad. But after a few minutes of revisiting the drive storage and home pages, I returned to the Internal Storage page and found Status had changed to Good.

    FuguHub for the My Book Live NAS

    But the front panel light was still blinking yellow. A reboot eventually caused the little icon to change to Status:Good. But despite a complete shutdown, including a power cable pull, I was not able to get the front panel light to stop blinking. If you choose the wrong device, you may accidentally overwrite your system disk or another disk you may care about, so double and triple check to make sure you are writing to the correct disk. Re-insert the disk into their enclosure.

    You can now proceed to configure OpenWrt to your liking, further partition the disk and install additional packages. OpenWrt builds prior to It will fail to boot boot loop if two disks are used and either contains anything other than the two default OpenWrt partitions.

    Contrary to Western Digital documentation and nomenclature, the MBL Duo enumerates its disks beginning from the right: If both disks contain OpenWrt, all changes to its configuration will be made to the disk in the right bay.

    It is actually possible to hot-plug a disk into the other drive bay on a running system, but keep in mind that if you hotplug to the right drive bay, device enumeration will change after a reboot. This means that if the OpenWrt versions differ between drives, for example after a sysupgrade, the kernel would mismatch and the system may not work properly.

    FuguHub for the My Book Live NAS

    This issue has been since remedied, it is advisable to only upgrade to a version newer than the ones affected. It directly takes a gzipped image file ending in. If you are updating from Any partitions you created beyond the default two OpenWrt partitions will be missing. For MBR: After upgrading, re-create the missing partitions using fdisk with the exact same parameters.

    For GPT: After upgrading you can start gdisk which will tell you about a corrupted MBR. Tell it to use the GPT partition table and re-write it to disk.

    In User Tools Register Log In.

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