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The purpose-driven life: what on earth am I here for? / Rick Warren. p. cm. Includes The Purpose Purpose Driven or Scripture Driven? - Way of Life Literature. Purpose Driven Church - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read Review of Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren. Read "The Purpose Driven Church Growth Without Compromising Your Message and Mission" by Rick Warren available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and.

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Rick Warren Purpose Driven Church Pdf

much we need to learn from Rick Warren! Ezra Earl Jones, General Secretary, United Methodist Church Board of Discipleship. The Purpose-Driven Church is. Every church is driven by something. Tradition, finances, programs, personalities, events, seekers, and even buildings can each be the controlling force in a. by. Rick Warren. · Rating details · 3, ratings · reviews. “The Purpose Driven® Church has brought focus and direction to more pastors and church.

Shelves: theology We read tis book in a church group and I was surprised that it was as good and fundamental as it turned out to be. I had heard various things baout Rick Warren, including hints of his liberalism in various areas but had never verified that this was true for myself, but had no reason to read any of his books by myself. Hence I was pleasantly surprised when this book challenged me a great deal in my spiritual quest. The first premise of this book was that we are born for His pleasure and His purpos We read tis book in a church group and I was surprised that it was as good and fundamental as it turned out to be. The first premise of this book was that we are born for His pleasure and His purpose. This should be enough to stop the liberal thinker in his or her tracks, but this tenet is fundamental to Warren's message.

These questions measure our success and force us to evaluate if we are really fulfilling the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. Yet numerical growth is exactly what the seeker service is designed to promote.

Increasing the size of your church does not require the intelligence of a rocket scientist: you must simply get more people to visit!

What is the most natural way to increase the number of visitors to your church? The answer is quite simple.

Members will invite their friends week after week, and your church will experience a steady influx of unchurched visitors.

But what would we say to Jeremiah or Ezekiel if numerical growth were the key index of success in evangelism and ministry? What would we say to Stephen in Acts 7, who was stoned to death for preaching the gospel?

What would we say to Adoniram Judson, and myriad other faithful missionaries like him who struggled for years to see appreciable fruit from their ministries, if any at all? And have we forgotten about the function of the preached gospel as that which hardens recalcitrant men and women in their refusal to repent 2Cor ?

Faithfulness is the measure of the minister, not numerical results. Building on Purpose Leads to False Unity. The Purpose Driven idea of building on unity of purpose rather than on unity in the gospel is moving in the same direction, leading to a unity that is, at best, sub-Christian.

Book Review: The Purpose Driven Church, by Rick Warren

We believe that the gospel is primary too. Warren has five more dreams listed in the vision statement, but never defines what the gospel is, or that it requires repentance and belief. This statement is what he read at the trial run service before Saddleback got started. When he mailed out his promotional letter to unbelievers announcing his first service, he surveyed the community for their perception of their own needs, and their major complaints about churches.

His findings? The messages are irrelevant, the members are unfriendly, the church just wants my money, and child care should be better pp But the call to take up our cross is part of evangelism, not just discipleship.

We find Jesus preaching the necessity of repentance and belief right from the outset of His ministry Mark , and He demands that the rich young ruler part with his possessions on their first encounter Mt Jesus preached a message of cost and cross Mt ; Mark ; Mark , not just a gospel of prosperity and blessing.

Again, Crowds always flock to hear good news. There is enough bad news in the world that the last thing people need is to hear more bad news when they come to church. They are looking for anyone who can give them hope and help and encouragement…. We are called to simply and clearly preach the gospel, and to call people to genuine repentance from their sins and belief in Christ for forgiveness.

The way the Purpose Driven model packages the gospel assumes that audience analysis is the key to influencing people. What does this mean for the evangelistic preaching at the seeker sensitive service? But doing evangelism the way Warren suggests here poses sobering difficulties. It obscures the gospel.

The Purpose Driven Church

Presenting the benefits of the gospel is a fine thing to do, as long as the benefits are accompanied by the costs. But Warren is suggesting we present only the benefits, whereas true gospel preaching includes the demand of repentance Mark It leads to false assurance.

No one becomes a disciple without taking up the cross of self-denial. The gospel is such foolishness to unbelievers that only the Spirit can make it look attractive to them 1Cor ; , and the Father Himself is sovereign in giving to the Son those whom He intends to save John ; It simply cannot be true, then, that anyone can be won to Christ if you discover the key to his heart. It builds on a worldly perspective. How much less, then, do complete unbelievers know what they need!

So why base a whole evangelistic method on suiting their tastes and meeting their needs as they define them? But this is the very foundation of the seeker sensitive service. He meant that he was willing to give up his freedom from Jewish ceremonial law in order to win Jews to Christ, and that he was willing to use that freedom when with Gentiles in order to win them to Christ.

His method was still to preach plainly the cross of Christ — not just the comforts 1Cor — to both Jew and Gentile. At one level this is true. If the gospel and its requirements are not to be misunderstood by our hearers, then we must clarify where it contradicts culture, and where culture has made it hard to understand the implications of the gospel for our everyday lives. But this is not what Warren means.

But is it possible to make the exclusive cross of Jesus Christ attractive and appealing to a religiously pluralistic, morally relativistic culture by structuring our approach on the blueprint of their preferences? Unbelieving Americans do not believe in absolute truth, or universally binding morality, or that exclusive claims of truth in religion can even be made — nor do they believe in sin.

But the gospel requires that we contradict every one of these cultural assumptions. Worldly Necessities. There is one other aspect of the model that is less central to the thesis but still important to address. The Purpose Driven model states the necessity of worldly elements for effective evangelism.

In other words, it seems to make secondary things primary.

Such elements are helpful, but they certainly are not primary. Warren states that the success of church plants should rely on the purposes of God and be done through the power of the Holy Spirit p.

I shall firstly describe a biblical basis according to Vajko and then discuss how Warren has addressed it. Warren makes clear that we are not only called to be faithful but also fruitful. In being fruitful we glorify God and please Him, and that fruit is growth through conversion. Secondly, the Holy Spirit plays an integral role in leading and birthing new churches Acts 13 Vajko Thirdly, when the church as a body is filled with the Spirit it recognises and acts upon establishing new churches 1 Cor Vajko Warren aids unexperienced members into a ministry of their choice through the programme S.

E which unpacks the understanding of lay ministry in combination with the Holy Spirit p. Hayes recounts that the preacher although not Warren , spoke of a God made relevant and understandable to a middle-class twenty-first century audience through specific connections which he felt did not compromise the gospel.

Warren makes clear that the church should not become so laden with theological study that the church body or individuals within the church never begin to apply what they learn.

The Purpose Driven Church: Growth Without Compromising Your Message and Mission

Warren demonstrated this in his own life as he has trained over three-hundred thousand pastors in church growth at Saddleback church Greenberg The decline is because Warren is placing much focus, energy and funds into his P.

E plan which started in E stands for Plant churches; Equip leaders; Assist the poor; Care for the sick; and Educate the next generation Morgan In Warren brought in the next phase, P. This replacement does not mean an eradication of church plantings but rather a handing over of the authority of church plants to the respective indigenous peoples which is a similar objective that Ehlers has which will be discussed later in section V.

What Warren aims to achieve with the P. MacArthur, who also has a church in California like Warren, can be seen in YouTube videos pronouncing criticisms against his neighbour Warren but are these criticisms valid? Accessed: 30 September Although, MacArthur often unfairly uses the most extreme case as the norm, his criticism in valid to a certain degree.

Stortz maintains that the motivational, self-help style of the book follows in the steps of Robert Schuller, Norman Vincent Peale and Dale Carnegie, rather than in the humble, servant-style of Jesus Christ p.

According to MacArthur , any Christian leader should strive for and maintain integrity p. Warren also avoids politics within the Southern Baptist Union, owns a modest home, takes no salary and reverse tithes. These characteristics sound like someone of humble character — an invaluable Christian virtue that maintains integrity MacArthur Mayhue reasons that watching and warning are essential in order to maintain a healthy church p.

Mayhue maintains that watching and waiting is vital in light of the fact that there are so many false teachers and prophets in the church Jude As a Christian leader, Warren should have used Biblical reasoning, and in my opinion has lost some integrity. To continue along the lines of MacArthur and Mayhue, if a Christian leader is to have integrity his role should predominantly encompass watching and warning which means to preach sound doctrine and expose false doctrine.

Stortz states that Warren uses at least fifteen different Bible translations, of which most are paraphrase translations. Stortz p. What Warren achieves according to Stortz is by using all these different paraphrase translations is firstly, to speak with the authority of scripture; secondly, it indicates to the reader that he is looking for scripture to fit his thoughts and not Gods; and lastly, the overall book comes off as a self-help book for means of self-employment p.

Before this methodology is discussed, the necessity for a comparative Thai model needs to be established.

Thailand thus has a completely different mind-set that is influenced by the dominant religion, Buddhism. Thailand also has a completely different political and economic climate.

America gained independence from the British in and is the leading industrial and military power after World War Two p. Unlike America, Thailand has never been ruled by a Western power and has been ruled by a monarch since the thirteenth-century, although in there have been radical activist groups that have aggressively demonstrated a desire for democracy p.

Rick Warren: 10 Principles for Planting a Multiplying, Purpose Driven Church | ChurchPlants

These differences might indicate different needs which is what will be examined in the six-fold strategy as outlined by Jeff Ehlers The first strategy according to Ehlers is to have a vision of the missionary work by developing a mission statement and key impact points, so that the L. S missionaries understand what they are working towards and why p. The L. Within the article these strategies were actually implemented and found successful, although the author indicated that it would be his intention to update the article as he deemed necessary.

Their key impact points are: gospel proclamation; discipling; and leadership development p. This is valuable to note as any missionary work should have a biblical foundation.

The mission statement and key points imbue the theological framework for mission work as outlined by Vajko which are Missio dei, incarnation of Jesus and kingdom of God.

The Missio dei is complete by prioritising the preaching of the gospel making disciples over social aid given to the target audience, as noted in the key points. Jesus is seen as the inspiration of the gospel preaching and the focus of the mission, as noted in the mission statement.

The kingdom of God is furthered through the disciplining of leaders, as stated in the key points, who in turn will continue the cycle of preaching and discipling.

S mission statement Ehlers and purpose statement of Saddleback church Warren are very similar; both desire to fulfil both the great commandment and the great commission. The second strategy is to counter the negative attitude Thai people have toward Christianity by building good relationships Ehlers These positive relationships are fostered by creating fun group church activities and addressing needs, such as teaching English p.

A desire by the L. This is one of the important and positive paradigm shifts that Vajko notes in church plants in the twenty-first century p. When Warren started his church he wanted to understand the mind-set of the peoples of Saddleback Valley, and Warren therefore spent the first twelve-weeks, before starting an official church service, going door-to-door speaking to people Warren The pastor preaches by purpose.

He plans his messages and series to insure that the congregation receives a balanced emphasis on each of the purposes. They form small groups on purpose. Each small group helps the members fulfill each of the five purposes in their lives. The goal is to help every believer live a Purpose Driven life.

They calendar by purpose. The purposes are the determining factor in deciding what events are scheduled. They budget by purpose. Every expenditure is categorized by the purpose it relates to. They build by purpose.

Buildings are seen as ministry tools, not monuments. They must serve the purposes, and never become more important than the purposes. They evaluate by purpose.