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    Thomas Intermediate Vocabulary - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. English. Longman - Intermediate Vocabulary - BJ Longman - Intermediate Vocabulary - BJ - Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Vocabulary. B J Thom as. Nelson Thls edltlon publlshed by Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd Intermedlate Vocabulary ls for students who atready have a reasonable Althokljh it ls chiefly aimed at the intermediate studont, advanced.

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    Intermediate Vocabulary Bj Thomas Pdf

    B.J. Thomas - INTERMEDIATE Vocabulary - dokument [*.pdf] NEW EDITION LONGMANg liN\fVIr.')N01 tirucamilo.tk03M3N S'tIV\lOH-Lrs ~.lVlnavJoA. Title. Intermediate vocabulary /‚Äč B. J. Thomas. Author. Thomas, B. J. (Barry John) , , (author.) Edition. New (Revised) edition. Published. Intermediate Vocabulary book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This text contains over lexical items, divided into top .

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    And finally a long one: Doc, note, I dissent. A fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod. Here are some common words from American vocabulary. What words would British people use in their place? The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs. Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz.

    He likes t o do things on his own. She's a girl who likes to play rough, boys' games. I haven't a. Just a very small my 'What a lovely smell.

    What is it? When demonstrators march through the streets, they often political slogans. He gave a of surprise when he found the shower was ice-cold. The taxi-driver gave a of contempt at the small tip. The little baby began t o weakly. I had to at the top of my voice to make him hear me above the noise. The heavy old metal cart began to over the stony road. I heard a loud as the cannon fired.

    There is no more joyous sound than the of bird-song. I can hear a. Something in your car needs oiling. I heard the of rolling thunder in the distance. There was a small as he closed the car-door.

    The impatient motorist began to at the SION car in front From my house you can hear the gentle of a stream. Since then great progress has been made. Alan Shepherd simply went up and came down agaln, but now i can go into j and circle the earth for days or weeks, or two of them can k in space, enabling people to pass between them.

    Each I extends man's knowledge of space. We won 7: He's very Answers: Pay of f for t w o years To download this car I made a monthly Please make your cheque to John Watson. The person a cheque IS made out to 1 called the s. She was described as a 5 produce of a - the new sports car has been halted by a strike.

    We didn't reach agreement on c I'm afraid the talks were totally anything. His disappearance is very strange, in fact quite I think you owe me an for your behaviour, 7 compare a This is better than that. In fact, there is really n o b Scientists have made tests on the new drugs. He's a very bad-tempered, chap. He's always quarrelling the flnest pianist in the world. He felt a strange, painful in his back. Even the most person ought t o appreciate the beauty of this music.

    What an idiotic, thing to do! Why are you so The government's policy on arms is shocking.

    Intermediate Vocabulary

    It is quite. We must do all we can for the of this nation against possible attack agree What an unpleasant, old woman she is! We finally reached on the matter at midnight. I liked the place. I found the people, the weather and the food very possess In his will he left all his money and to his wife. She was a very mother. She gave her son very little freedom. The actor playing the main part should be the of a very good voice, good looks and a very strong physique.

    I don't agree with you at all. Politeness is one thing. Real kindness is another. You must learn to between the two. We get along pretty well, although of course we have our from time to time.

    The fire-prevention system IS by any small increase in temperature It is quite safe to go near the volcano. It has been for years. The slight in his left hand was corrected by surgery. The police are considering the compel Nlilltary service is no longer in South Africa. Membership of the Students' Club is entirely voluntary. There is no whatsoever.

    All staff should attend the meeting. Only the most reasons for absence will be accepted. Although she is very able technically, she isn't enough for this klnd of work. The of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation took place in She was simply h The police claimed that she had some attempt and could have prevented it.

    John O'Groats in Scotland is the northern We are pleased to present you with this award for your praise work among the poor of this city. Architecture during that period was very boring. Almost every building was a boxstructure, with no variation or decoration t o please the eye. We're looking for an honest, reliable, trust person to handle our legal affairs. It isn't news enough. His most famous sea was painted in and hangs in the National Gallery.

    A gas- is a young goose. The award takes the form of a silver statu The first television picture of the hitherto mysterious moon was the most dramatic sight I have ever seen. His home is in the country and he's wondering if he can afford to download a flat in London too.

    The crew of a submarine just below the surface can see what is happening. The new director is an economist educated at Oxford. He has very b r o a d shoulders. She's always very satisfied with herself. My sister is very conscious of dress.

    I'm very with thrs computer. It keeps breaking down. She took a of rooms at the Bristol Hotel. For the Irving-room we can erther download a complete furniture or get different items separately.

    Do you thrnk a dark brown overcoat would me7 of matchrng prophecy prediction, noun prophesy predict, verb 1that he will pass his exam and get a good job. I will make a. There will be a new government in less than a year.

    Acan be attached to a private telephone whrch keeps a record of all calls made and their cost. He managed to a system of bonus payments to encourage hardworking staff. Official are always held after plane crashes. We have received a number of about our new product since putting an advertisement in the newspaper. It was never discovered where the missing money went, in spite of a searching by the bank.

    He never stops talking. He's an person to be with. The police carried out an investigation, but the missing woman was never found. It's a farm. We have about cows. She has a regular column in the Daily News describing the various activities of the day. It's called 'Annabel's ,' , Difficult Verb Pairs A small number o f verbs give problems because the past tense and usually also the past participle o f one verb has t h e same spelling as t h e present tense and infinitive o f another.

    In each sentence below use t h e right form o f the correct verb. He He -there for an hour until someone finally heard his cries for help. In this school emphasis is I'm tired. I think I'll down for a while. They were ordered to down their weapons.

    Ambiguous Words The following sentences have t w o different meanings, due t o t h e ambiguity of t h e words in italics. Explain t h e t w o meanings o f each sentence.

    False Friends Speakers o f other, mainly European, languages may come across certain English words and because they look similar t o words i n their o w n language wrongly assume t h a t the meaning is t h e same. The confusion m i g h t be because o f a chance similarity i n spelling; because t h e original meaning, i n one or other language, has changed over the years; or because t h e original w o r d was borrowed f r o m one language and, f r o m t h e start, used differently in t h e other.

    Such words are called 'false friends'. Who 1s the millionaire I've met. You see her every day! After travelling all day, they He's arriving on Tuesday, or Wednesday. At the moment he has only one shop, but he hopes to have a nationwide chain. Did you what the weather was like. The writer George Be1 rnard Shaw thought English spelling was ridiculous.

    He demonstrated this by saying that the word 'fish' could be spelt 'ghoti', the -'! From that mountain you'll get a Down the middle of the road, reflecting the cars' headlights, are the , l was once a in a medical experiment to test a new drug. Can I have a glass of water? I've got a. In offices and hotels, letters are often placed in little, open-ended compartments called labelled with the letters of the alphabet.

    English often uses the names of other countries in common phrases. If two or more people at a restaurant or pub go dutch, they all pay for themselves. If you can't make sense of written instructions, you say 'It's all Greek to me'. If warm, dry weather continues into autumn, it's an Indian summer. Do you know what Dutch courage is? And where would you see a Mexican wave?

    And what is Russian roulette? She went to bed at seven and she was asleep by ten past. The sea near those rocks is clear. There's been no rain for months and the land is dry. Sorry, I can't lend you anything. I'm He was drunk. He couldn't even walk properly. The neighbours hear everything we say. The walls are thin. It was 2 a. He said he dldn't want to have All round the city there is of open country where building is restricted.

    One d -was e bysmoke andtakentohospital. Whenit rainsvery heaviiy and the Iand Is underwater. TheydI e of d. Buildingsoften c and d havetosearchforqeopiewhoare e underthe f. Iflthas onl y one floor. Butexpensivel W hatabouttaking a bus? Ifi thastwo floors. Thetraincomes The x open. Youadda f tothis. Youcan seewherea busisgoing becausethe p iswrltten onthefront. Yousimply b thetaxiInthestreetorgoto a c where there are severaltaxis waiting. Youcatchabusbywaltingata o. Keepyourticketbecausean m mightwantto n i t.

    Very slmple. YouIookatthe map ofthe.

    Godownto the u onthe v orinthe w. Buttrytoavoidthe q. Public Transport r 1 Puteach ofthe following words in itscorrectplace in the passage below. Mostbuseshavea two-person i: Forlongerdl stances take a train ora Iong distance bus. TheybecamefriendlyandonedayMichael asked hertogo outwith hlm.

    Shewasespecially b toayoung mancalled Michael. Joedecidedto a to his girlfriend. She accepted hisproposal. Marriage 2 Puteach ofthe fotlowing words in its correctplace in the passage below. Michaelwasa bituntidyandrather young. Onthedayofthe e Linda. Forayear orsoeverythinj wentwell.

    Rom ance and M arriage Romance 1 Puteach ofthe following wordsorphrases in its correctplace in the passage below. Theirfirst d wasavisitto the cinema. Somepeople haveareligiousceremonywith a priest. Afterayeartheyhad savedenough moneyto getmarried theywerebothover18sotheydidnotneed theirparents' c.

    To see ifitwill d you. Oryou canwaituntilthe n. If www. Shopping Kinds ofshop 1 M atchthe items onthe leftwlth the shopswhere you download them on the ri ght. You paythe g jwhoyouwillfindatthe h. Ifnecessaryan f willhelp you. Make sureyoualsogeta j.

    He orshewill take yourmoney. You don't m. Sport Spods facilitles and atbletics 1 Puteach ofthefollowing words orphrases in itscorrectplace in the passage below. Of cotlrsethe b aren'tpaid. There arefootball a. Onthe daycfthe f we arrive early. Foolball 2 lnstructionsasabove.

    Notmanypeople cometowatchthegame. Thenthe h. Thereisalsoa separateathletics 9. W eusuallyhavea k ofonlyoneor two hundred. Btltanywaywe d veryhard Intheeveningsandwe'reIuckybecausewecan usethe e ofaIocalschool. A hugeelectronic I -showsthe results. The getready in modernchangingroomsandthe k timeand measurethe eventswithmodernequipment. A popularnewspaperwi tha b ofoverfivemllliondail y makesaIotofmoney. Theyhavebig d abovethenewsstories. Lessserious newspapersare probablyreadjustfor c.

    No onetakesthepolitical h of lqqh?: Al so i which givepeoplebig prizes fo? The g arefullofstoriesofthe private Iivesoffamouspeople. Some programmesarewatched bytensofmillionsof Newspapers. Switch anotherchannel.. Eventhe h goingonweekaflerweektellingthestoryofone family orgroup ofpeople sometimes make us wantto copythe life styleweseeonthescreen.

    Dotelevisionprogrammes Influenceourminds? Dothey d us?

    Isthe newscompletely e neutral orisit f consideredfrom oneparticularpointofview? Don'tthe g foralcohol. Television and New spapers Television 1 Puteach ofthe following words orphrases in itscorrectplace in the passage below. Peoplealso readthesenewspapersfortheir l of. Oneof thefirstthingsto be doneistochoosethe c. There areevening p sixnightsa weekandafternoon shows. Sometimesthe b.. W illthe newspaper k be good orbad? Whatwillthe I think? Everyone hopesfora m thatwill n formonthsoreven years..

    Beforethe playisperformed infrontofan f ofhundredsof g. It's hardworkinthetheatre. Theatre Parts ofa theatfe 1 Match each pad ofa theatre on the rightwith a defini tionon the Ieft. AtIastithe i! W henthecudaingoesdown atthe end. Journeys 2 Puteach ofthe foll owingwords in i tscorrectplace in the passage below.

    Some words m ustbe used more than once. Istanbuland Alexandria. Many b. Butmostpeople prefer somekindof g ata popularholiday h. Tryto avoid taking yourholiday during the busy i touristseason. The ship called atVenice. Insteadofusing publictranspod and hotels. X warned Z: Z accused X of c andbeganto d in readinessfor possiblewar.

    Peace m aking 2 lnstructions as above. X thenaskedthe United Nationsto f. W ar The outbreak of war 1 Puteach ofthe following words orphrasesin its correctplace in the passage below. X deliveredan h toZ. The United Nationsmanagedtoarrangea g and statlonedamulti-national h betweenthetwoopposingarmies. Then b from X atlacked avillageinZ. The situatlonhad begunto g.. Penplewhoare I are normally m recelve unemploymentbenefit. Vvelfare State 1 Puteach ofthe followingwords orphrasesin its cornectplace in the passage below.

    Peoplewith e -whenthay who cannot afford to download orrentdecentaccommodatlon are glven houses orflats with f rehts. Sickpeoplegetfree g from thelrdoctororatthe hospital. The n to governmentdepartmentsresponsibleforpeople'swell - being willhelqpeoplewho. Choosing the rightjob 2 lnstructionsasabove.

    In timesofhighunemploymentthereare usuallyverymany a whena b. Ifthejobissellinga product. Itisalsolmportanttoknow ifthere areextra advantages. These are called f orfringebeneflts. Iam very j. I A commission meansyougetapercentage whatyou sell. Iam verykeen tobesuccessful. Verypossibly the peopleinterviewingwillbeinterested inthe h the candidatesgainedatschooloruniversityandwhat i they havehad inpreviousjobs. Iike free meals orlransport. SometimesIargenumbersofpeople c.

    Idon'twantto stayinthe same JobaIImylife. Theywillprobablyaskfor wrltten by the candidates'teachers and em ployers.

    Intermediate Vocabulary by B.J. Thomas

    Ineed toknow what a itoffersandalso whetherthereare regularannual increases. W ork Applying fora job 1 Puteach ofthe following words orphrases Jn its correctplace in the passage below. For example. I fajobinterestsme. LastweekIwent forajobinterview and myhandsbeganto b.

    Andnow thatI'm more successfulthanheisin myJob. There hasalwaysbeen b betweenus. Nervousness lnstructions as above.

    I'veal waysbeenvery f with otherpeople. Iwould Iiketo have been a television newsreader.

    W elvenever actually hada d. W hen Iwas asked questions lwas completel y g aj andIcould only h. A pity. Ithlnkshe'llal ways j herpet.

    She's a real f. I'veheard her h Johncontinuallytogetabetterjob. Sadness lnstructions as above. Shewas c bythe d. Hermothertriedto e hterbutSusan's f t 1. And his wife likesto makethingsworse. Some peoplewlllIie. MrW atson also has a veryhigh opinlon ofhim sel f. I'veheard her d. Butl'vealwayshadawishto ' d somethlng. Butlthinkthe peoplewhodeservetosucceedarethose whoare i and have j. Thisisthepri ceoffame. They willbe absolutely h.

    Theconstant i. Butbeing f also hasitsdisadvantages. She thinksshe issuperlor. His neighboursthinkthathe is a very 9. I'm not verysureofmyselfandItwould begoodformy 9 tosucceed insomething. Pride Instructions as above. Fam e Puteachofthe following words orphrases ln its correctplace in the 17assage below.

    ThisisnotbecauseIwantfameormoneybutjustthatsimplefeeling of e yougetwhenyou'vedonesomething difficult. Famous entertalnerssufferfrom a Iackof g. Theyneed h to qrotectthem. Success Puteach ofthe following words in its correctplace in the passage below. I've neverwanted to reach the top ofthe b orto have c. She'savery e person too. Their characters also begin to develop Someadol escentsare h and keepthemselvestothemselves. Therelativesand friendsofthe d person.

    Forthe flrstslxmonthsoftheirIlvesmostbabiesaretakenoutIn i andsleepin j. Thenthewooden copin isburied ina grave inthe 4 orcremated ina g.

    AteightmonthsorsotheyIearnto k along the floor. W hen peopleget oldertheyusuallymakea h and l theirmoneyand otherthlngsto theirfamily and friends.

    Longman - Intermediate Vocabulary - BJ Thomas.pdf

    The b world isstrangeand excitingtothem. They have c ofsuccessjadventure. C hildhood and Adolescence Puteach ofthe following words in its correctplace in the passage below. Babiesare c eitherathome orinthe d ofahospital. The kroud g mustsoondecidewhatto h thechild. Birth Puteach ofthe following words o? D eath Instructions asabove. W hen a man dies.

    They d theirbigbrothersandslsters. Theydesign f advertisementsand make television g to h ustodownload. Iftheywantbig picturestheymake h Otherpeoplearemore serious. They're j jnotoriginals. Advertising Puteach ofthe following words orphrases in 1ts correctplace ln the passage below.

    The jobofthe d isto e theproductsofthefirmswho employthem. They g. They have c made and putthem inan d. Wecansujplytrained d tc protectexhibitsatad showsandjewellerydlsplays W e can advisg youifyouthinksomeoneistrylnjto e yourphoneor. M ilitary Service Puteach ofthe foll owing words orphrasesIn its correctplace in the passage below.

    AlIyoungmenand sometimesyoungwomenmustspend ayearortwo inthe b InBritaintheydon'thaveto. Wecanprotectyouoryourchlldrenagainst posslble i. W e have ex-policemen whom you can hire as g and special h todeliveryourvaluableparcels anyqhereintheworld. Police tnstructions as above. Ifyou aregood atyourjoband cantake responsibilitysyoumlghtget g and becomean h.

    Then he'd liketobe a g in h investigatingseriouscrime. Allmembersofthearmed servicesare. To beasoldieryoujointhe d o beasalloryou andtobe anairmanyoujointhe f. Someareasofpartpcularnaturalbeautyaredesignated as h bythe government. The Countryside Puteach ofthefollowing wordsorphrases in its correctplace in the passage below.

    Someland is f and you'llsee cropsgrowing. And hundredsmorehavetoberescued by g. Normallytheyneedtotake g cylindersto help them breathe andotherspecial h.

    The airis more llkelyto be clearand b.. It'sadangeroussportandvmany people have IosttheirIives. The Seaside Puteach ofthe following words in its correctplace in the passage below. Younormally e thevolumebyturning a 9. You'lloperate yourmachine Iike a typewrlter bypressing keysonthe 9. Youwant colour? W ell. We can b thenumberinthetelephone c.

    The Telephone Puteach ofthe following words orphrases in its correctplace in the passage below. Com puters Instructions as above. ElectricalA ppliances Puteach ofthe following words ln Itscorrectplace in the passage below. Nowadays we usually don'tneed the a toconnectustofriendsin othescountries. Ifyouwanttoseethe resul tsofwhatyouaredoing. Ifthenumbesisnot 9. Ifthe managerwantsto e aIetter. O ffice W ork Instructions as above.

    Thestrikingworkershaveformeda h outsldethe factory gatesto preventotherworkers frcm going in to work. I've gotno com plaints. Idon'tknow whatthey'd dowithout me! A Stfik: Solhavebeentakenonasan c ina d - fortwoyearsto learnto be a machine-operator. Iike a work. Iabourreiations tea break apprentice factory canteen white collar management shopfloor m anual foreman!

    The men complainedlotheir d. Factory W ork Puteach ofthefollowing words orphrases in its correctplace in the passage below. A nim alSounds Match each animalwith the sound i tm akes. The iceisverythinand lthinkIheardit. Bothteamsplayed hard untilthe final -. Itwasapolice-carturning a cornerat top speed. W ays ofLpoking www. Usea handkerchiefand blow yournose. Hum an Sounds Puteach ofthe following verbs in its correctplace in the sentences below.

    I'm pleased to meetyou. W ealways. Hehasto atthe newspaperto read it. Englishpeople oftensay. I thoughtIjustsaw someone. I Beforebabiescanwalk. Iwatchedhim and falldown. I'm afraid someonewill overthatpiece ofwood andfall. I He rubbed 2 Instructions asabove.

    I The exhaustedmenhad to forfi vemllesthroughthesnow. W alking Puteach ofthe following vesbs in its correctplace in the sentences below. I jtl 4 m sultcase n barrel o satchel P bin q bOX r thermos flask.

    Furnitpre and Fittings Match each item from the following listwith the correctletterfrom the picturesbelow. Connectors 1 Match each ofthe following connectorswith the correctpicture below. I The postmankeepsaIItheIettersforonestreettogetherwith a ,. Tools M atch each ofthe following toolswith the correctpicture below. D -- e H tanker td'.. Vehicles Match each ofthe following vehicieswith the correctpicture below. Collective Nouns Puteach ofthe following collective nounsin its correctplace inthe sentences below.

    Young A nim als Foreach anlmalbelow give the name ofits young from the following list. W ho'sgota ofcards? Some nounsm ustbe used more than once. None of your libraries hold this item. Found at these bookshops Searching - please wait We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search.

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