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eBooks - Category: Psychology - Download free eBooks or read books online for free. Discover new authors and their books in our eBook community. Read this book. Online; PDF; Print Color This textbook offers theoretical and impactful knowledge about Psychology. It explains the I used this textbook in Fall with high school students taking college read more. Reviewed by. Psychology. See also what's . Text-Book of Intellectual Philosophy, for Schools and Colleges, by James Tift Champlin (page images at MOA); [Info] L'Énergie.

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Psychology Online Book

I wrote this book to help students organize their thinking about psychology at a Other important cognitive psychologists include Donald E. Broadbent. Study from a great psychology book free online by downloading OpenStax's general Psychology textbook and using our accompanying online. Welcome to Psychology , brought to you by Psych Central's Virtual Psychology Classroom! A general psychology text adapted to an online.

Writing 50 must-read psychology books Reading is the supreme lifehack. Distilled knowledge that often took years to assemble can be consumed in just a few hours. And the more you know about social psychology and human behavior, the better. Note: While all of the books below will deal with the human mind, not all of them are purely scientific. This book seems to be in such high demand that the site prices are often outrageous. A must-read if you can obtain it; I consider it the best presentation of social psychology ever written. A true classic. While the book is informative, the studies are grazed over pretty quickly, not much depth is given to any individual study. Seriously though, for behavioral research, there are few books that touch the scope and breadth that Dan Kahneman dives into with this masterpiece Mr. Their arguments are structured well, as is their other entry on this list, and incredibly readable; you can tell that a lot of effort was put into breaking the book down into appropriate sections and making it easy to pick up by anyone.

Except with this book, manipulation is the subject at hand. Scary stuff, but a necessary read. If you are unfamiliar with the study, it was meant to test whether or not people would obey authority even when they were asked to do something that they knew was wrong. This book is a necessary read in understanding the construct and inherit dangers in authority.

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My single gripe with the book is that it is too long. This is no pop-psy self-help book, this takes a look at some incredible research from a leading expert. This book seeks to understand and to pass on knowledge, not to help you change your life.

This is an interesting book and one of few that strays into the positive psychology territory, definitely worth checking out. For everyone else, it is a very easy read and very much worth checking out.

The thing is, the presentation makes this book worthwhile even if you have already heard of a few of these, and McRaney is a great writer; his blog was featured on my big list of blogs that are awesome and not about marketing. Largely concerned with cognition and specifically with cognitive biases, David DiSalvo makes this book stand out in quite a few ways. Not only that, there are tactics and resource materials included in the book.

My only problem with these is that they are clumped near the end instead of being sprinkled about the many great examples. Despite that, Eagleman has put together a seriously fascinating list of studies that I will shamelessly steal and write about here on Sparring Mind.

In other words, creative work lives in a dynamic, ever-changing ecosystem. Getting ahead of the curve, or doing the unexpected, means eschewing what everyone currently expects, which requires knowing what everyone expects.

Knowing the metagame — or comparing your work to what exists today — is useful for spotting opportunities for differentiation. Originals will help you spot opportunities to stand out, and digs into the research around how creative thinking works , and what you can do to encourage those light-bulb moments.

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Is character even concrete, or is it more like a shade of gray? Great examples, great research, and a great focus make this a must-read. This book seems like a collection of short stories, and not a unified idea.

Putting that aside, the different sections are far too interesting to pass up for this general lack of unity. The authors do a great job in demonstrating the many types of faulty logic that we are prone to in a variety of environments.

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I would classify this as an introductory book, however, so keep that in mind if you are very familiar with the field.

For a true academic understanding of persuasion though, this book is fantastic. I can appreciate when an author has a fun writing style to keep things engaging. The research, however, is enjoyable by academic or laymen readers alike in my humble opinion.

If you are interested in applying psychology to improve yourself and your mind, this is the book for you.

Top 10 Introductory Psychology Books for Students

Still, a highly important book, and it references the monkey sphere , so I needed to include it. In this unpublished chapter, Carnegie wrote that there were some people with whom it was impossible to get along.

Why is that chapter absent from this book, you ask? Well, Dale Carnegie was in the middle of writing this chapter when he was offered a trip to Europe, and rather than complete this last chapter he decided to take the trip. The uncompleted book was sent off to publishers, and Carnegie shipped off to Europe. Discusses the major theorists from the biological, psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral, trait, and humanistic perspectives.

Ten chapter research methods text for education, psychology, and the social sciences.

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Includes chapters on research design, such as single subject, experimental, historical, developmental, and qualitative designs as well as two chapters on statistics. Also details the professional research report, data collection techniques, and a guide for doing research from developing your theory through publication. You are here: Online Psychology Texts AllPsych is dedicated to the education of psychology and we have published free e- textbooks representing some major courses in the field of psychology.

Psychology Ten-chapter online text covering all of the major theories and components of general psychology. Statistics Primer Five part series covering the basics of statistical description and inference. Personality Synopsis This 12 chapter online text represents an overview of personality theory.

Research Methods Ten chapter research methods text for education, psychology, and the social sciences.

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